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Woad was also used to dye the wool cloak worn over the dress. Bergin worked, twisted and tied every strand of wool, every bit of decorative animal hair. "That way we give a life force to the texture. Adding this texture helps create the sense that there are complexities to the character." And in the disposed Earls' wife's case, these complexities certainly exist.

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Hand Bookbindings: Clasps, Furniture, and Other Closures 1503 German alum taw. Blind tooled diaper pattern.

From an illustrated 15th century French translation of Boccaccio’s Decameron. Pognon, Edmond (translated by Tallon, J. Peter). Boccaccio's Decameron. Liber SA, 1978.

Lady French costume of the 15th century , showing a rolled hat with feather , dress with hanging sleeves , and collar hung with small bells . A falcon perches on her left hand , as was the fashion among nobles from the 14th 16th centuries . c . 1847 , hand painted copy from a 15th century art . stock photo

Headwear worn by Venetian ladies in the 15th century.Also worn throughout France, England, and other Northern European countries, not just in Venice.