Sweet Tortilla Snowflakes by spoonful: Whatever the holiday weather where you live, you can set your kids to snowflake snipping these one-of-a-kind wintry snacks. They're almost too pretty to eat -- but too delicious not to! #Crafts #Kids #Tortilla_Snowflakes

Sweet Tortilla Snowflakes Set your kids to snowflake snipping and make our one-of-a-kind wintry snacks. 6 flour tortillas Canola or vegetable oil for baking Confectioners' sugar Edible glitter (optional)

UPDATED: FOUND THE SOURCE LINK!! DIY stockings | Okay.. maybe I won't do this TODAY... but I will do it before Thanksgiving. Will require a trip to goodwill (color tag of the week will make them only a dollar or two a sweater/2 stockings??.. SO much more frugal than buying from a store).. As a finish, I have my Nana's old pompom maker, although I've seen tutorials on pinterest on how to make pompoms with a fork.

Luke and I went to Goodwill and picked up some Christmas sweaters, but I didn't know where to begin in making the stockings. The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: Christmas Stockings Made from Sweaters