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"The Track Box" Horse Tack Trolley / Cart


WeatherBeeta Original American Breast Cancer Foundation 1200D Standard Neck Medium

WeatherBeeta--North America


Happy Mouth® Copper Roller Mouth Loose Ring

Happy Mouth® Copper Roller Mouth Loose Ring


J'Adore Pullover from One Horse Threads



Ovation® Winter Rider Full Seat Breeches

Ovation® Winter Rider Full Seat Breeches- Ladies'


Mountain Horse® Sovereign Field Boot

Mountain Horse® Sovereign Field Boot


Kari Long Parka by Konia Equestrian

Women's Kari Long Parka - Konia Equestrian


Andis Pulse ZR Detachable Blade Clipper

Pulse ZR™ Cordless Detachable Blade Clipper


Cheata Trotter Bra

Cheata Trotter


The Cordoba Breech, part of Devon-Aire's Signature line, is made of a supportive woven fabric that is lightweight and moisture-wicking, but also durable. The breech is designed for riders who spend a lot of time in the saddle, providing stretch for freedom of movement. A microsuede synthetic full-seat patch treated with silicone provides extra grip in the saddle and holds up through repeated washings. Details include front pockets, accent trim stitching and faux rear decorative flaps. This b...

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Noble Outfitters' Wound Care Foam is formulated to assist in the recovery of small wounds. Made from nontoxic, food-grade safe ingredients, it is gentle enough to be used in sensitive areas such as the ears, nose and mouth. Fragrance- and dye-free, the formula is compatible with other wound treatments, antibiotics and healing ointments and can be topically applied to skin abrasions, post-surgical sites, hot spots, rainrot, rashes, ringworm, scratches, and mange. A 5-ounce container with foam...

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Pyranha's Zero-Bite natural insect spray contains bug-fighting ingredients such as geraniol, clove, and peppermint--safe and nontoxic alternatives to traditional fly sprays. The water-based formula is not oily or greasy and repels stable flies, house flies, fleas, mosquitoes and other insects. Also safe for use on dogs, cats and other small animals.

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The ProChaps Fit Half Chaps are made with soft leather and feature a unique Airprene stretch panel to provide flexibility, stability, breathability and comfort. The half chaps are crafted for a custom-like fit, and anti-ammonia galvanized straps allow for extra durability. A locking zipper keeps the chaps securely in place. The chaps retail for $159.95.

Comfortable and durable | ProChaps


The new RP girth by Prestige is designed to distribute pressure more evenly over a broader surface area on a horse's body. The actual girth slides through a pressure-distributing panel to eliminate pulling caused by a tightened girth or certain athletic movements. The unique padding and round contour of the girth panel also create an air cushion to further relieve pressure. The girth system retails for $364.

Prestige Italy


The Sprenger Novocontact Bit Range includes a new bit design that widens the contact area of the mouthpiece on the horse's tongue without putting pressure on the palate. The oval-shaped design allows the flat part of the mouthpiece to lie on the horse's tongue when the rider maintains steady contact. Then, as the rider gives a rein aid, the mouthpiece turns forward to narrow the contact surface for more precise communication. Available in loose-ring snaffle, eggbutt or Pelham in single and d...

novocontact - Sprenger brands - Quality & brands


Made with natural ingredients such as beeswax and certified organic hemp oil, the Glamorous All-Nature Face Highlighter from Ecolicious Equestrian will add extra drama to your horse's look in the show ring. Spread a small amount onto your hands and rub it around your horse's muzzle and eye area. The highlighter accentuates his features, leaving a subtle shimmer while moisturizing his skin at the same time. Made with human-grade ingredients, the formula can also be used for the rider. An 8 fl...

GLAMOROUS All Natural Face Highlighter - $24.95


The Concept Spine-Free Dressage Pad, made by Hastilow USA, was designed with help from computer testing to reduce pressure on the horse's back. The pad is available in several contours to accommodate high-withered to broad-backed horses and features a wide channel to provide spine clearance and increase airflow. Cut-out sections behind the rider's leg allow for breathability and whip contact. The pad retails for $65.

Pads :: Concept Spine Free Dressage Pad - Hastilow Competition Saddles, USA


The PostureWear Elite Sports Bra uses research-based science to relieve the pressures and strains that are caused by poor posture. The bra has an ergonomic fit that is designed to be flexible and comfortable to wear in high-and-low intensity activities. The Active Stabilization System, made with functional fabric tension to gently pull the shoulders back, correctly aligns the spine and encourages optimal posture. Seamless construction and moisture-wicking fabric allow for additional comfort....

PostureWear Elite Sports Bra


The Rembrandt Xtreme Double Bridle brings extra sparkle into the ring with a three-row Swarovski crystal browband. The bridle includes a crank noseband with tapered sides and soft lining. Rolled cheek pieces add an extra touch of elegance. The bridle retails for $775.

XTREME Line: Dressage double bridle REMBRANDT | Schockemöhle Sports Englisch


Add a bit of sparkle to the show ring, or your everyday ride with the new Sparkly jR8 helmet. The jR8 is low profile with an adjustable nylon harness and is styled similarly to the more expensive Gr8. Made with a special sparkle fiber, the black bling and shiny silver centers complement the black or navy weather-resistant microsuede side panels. The Sparkly jR8 retails for $222. Visit charlesowen.com.

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Equine Organix’s pH-balanced Organic Chamomile Horse Shampoo was created to meet the specific pH requirements of your horse’s skin. The formula is free of sulfates, parabens and other harmful substances but contains organic ingredients and essential oils to soothe, hydrate and add shine to your horse’s coat. The shampoo is easy to rinse and tearless with a concentrated formula—one bottle lasts up to 30 washes. A 13.5 fl. oz. bottle retails for $18.95. Visit equineorganix.com.

pH-balanced Organic Chamomile Horse Shampoo


Horse Sportzvibe- The Sportz-Vibe rug by Horseware is a massage blanket designed to help maintain your horse’s muscular well-being. The rug’s massage action is gentle enough that it will not overwork a horse’s muscles but effective enough to reduce muscle tension. It can be used to warm up muscles before work or ease soreness and stiffness afterward. The rug retails for $649. Visit horseware.com.

Massage blanket for Horses and Dogs that contains alternating massage panels to help boost circulation


The Communicator dressage saddle from Stackhouse Saddlery was made to help facilitate a rider’s communication with his or her horse. The saddle is crafted with a combination of French and English leather and features a regular-length flap. The flap is customized to fit the rider and accommodate the slim but steep blocks which provide support to maintain optimal position. The area of the saddle directly behind the rider’s leg is cut away to provide better communication between the horse and r...



The Shapely breech is cut fuller in the hips and thighs and features Dublin’s Tri-Stretch Technology, which is a triangular insert of stretchy material on each side of the waistband for a no-gap fit. Dublin’s Core Embrace panel across the front of the breech creates a smooth look in the saddle. Available in performance, active and everyday fabrics, as well as knee-patch with euro–seat and full–seat options and a variety of colors. Prices range from $59.99 to $89.99.

Dublin Everyday Shapely Full Seat Front Zip Breeches | Dublin Clothing - USA


Noble Outfitters’ EquinEssential Tote- Made from durable 600-denier, 100-percent polyester canvas fabric with water-repellant finish. Heavy-duty interior coating for easy care. Canvas exterior and plastic interior make the tote sturdy and multiple divided pockets keep your gear organized. The mesh bottom allows dirt to fall through and a detachable strap makes the tote extra-portable. $54.99. Visit Nobleoutfitters.com.

EquinEssential Tote