Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep wristband helps you achieve your fitness goals

A great gift to help any fitness lover stay on track: Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband. I LOVE MY FITBIT!

RINGLY | Connects to your phone and sends customized notifications through vibrations and light

Ringly - interesting concept, ring flashes light when you get an incoming call or text

Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig - Fitbit Flex, leather bracelets from Hermes and Giles & Brother.

View From the Beauty Closet: Fitbit Gone Fancy

Our contributing beauty director Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig pairs her Fitbit Flex with leather bracelets from Hermes and Giles & Brother. So easy and it has brass nuts.

Nymi - wearable authentication technology. "let's you use your unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity, allowing you to wirelessly take control of your computer, your smartphone, your car and so much more." Bluetooth; accelerometer & gyroscope for gesture recognition. #ECG, #HR From Bioynm

Nymi Heartbeat wristband I think I just found the perfect gift for my techie big bro DIBS!

Pauline van Dongen - Solar Cell Dress to charge your cell phone

Wearable technology needs more emphasis on fashion and beauty if it is to be succesful says solar-powered dress designer Pauline van Dongen.

Cuff - Smart Jewelry - Notifications, Activity Tracking, Safety - March 2015 Release

Cuff - smart insert that tracks activity, sends notifications, has an emergency alert sender .

Fitbit’s Latest Activity Trackers Feature Heart Monitoring, Smartwatch Functions

Fitbit’s Latest Activity Trackers Feature Heart Monitoring, Smartwatch Functions


Sexy, Wearable Tech from CRAVE This gorgeous necklace hides a sexy secret: it’s actually a vibrator! Vesper is a USB rechargeable vibrator that’s disguised as an elegant necklace.

Dita Von Teese - 3D printed dress

The fully articulated gown based on the Fibonacci sequence was designed by Michael Schmidt and modeled by architect Francis Bitonti to be printed in Nylon by Shapeways. The gown was assembled from 17 pieces, dyed black, lacquered and adorned with ove

Phone-charging clutch from Everpurse

Introducing the new phone-charging clutch from Everpurse

Diane Von Furstenberg Google Glass

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The Razer Nabu will be the world's first smartband to be fully integrated with Tencent's WeChat

Razer's Nabu Will Be World's First Fully Integrated Wearable On WeChat