Drew McAuliffe

Drew McAuliffe

Portland, OR / Artist, Lover of Life, Smiler, Imitator, thinker in a Daydreamy manner, wanderer
Drew McAuliffe
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Philippines- Amazing Travel Destination- Vacation- Ocean

Madeline Lu: So many hidden gems like this to be found, and so little time. where is your favorite place in .

Water Drop Suspended In Time

My last photo of my 365 year in photos project. I will continue my photo-a-day project! A drop of water seems suspended above the surface. Light and shadow frame the droplet as its final moment before impact is documented.

Some of the best Urban Street Art I've seen

Pinner wrote: That third one down. that piece (the original at least) was the first artwork we looked at in my very first art history class. Art started as paint on the walls. (I wish I could see these art pieces in person.

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The most powerful words. I don't really understand what the Government is doing but I hear people talking and it doesn't sound good.