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Explaining Candy Crush

Fox News' Shep Smith Explaining Candy Crush On The Biggest Tablet Ever Actually Happened On TV

Dental humor. Seriously laughing so hard right now at this one. lol hahaha :D

I feel like this was similar if not exact to one of Gramma's jokes.randomly showed up when I searched quotes.

My Sweet Tooth Never Listens to My Wisdom Tooth, Nestors Designs + Threadless Collection - Nestor Gomez

My Sweet Tooth Never Listens to My Wisdom Tooth:Design by Nestor Gomez and Mellin Paulo Bernardo luckily, I no longer possess wisdom teeth.

The dreaded root canal procedure demystified.. Kind of...

A dental root canal treatment (also called a root canal therapy) is needed when the ‘tooth nerve’ has been damaged through tooth decay or injury/trauma.

Teeth arrival chart.

Tooth Arrival Chart - because I'm always trying to figure out when they should be coming in. My boy didn't read this chart. No, he decided to go and get 16 teeth all before his first birthday.