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The Not-About-Iraqi-Oil Iraqi Oil Map By Paul Mutter, January 10, 2012 "Ostensibly, "oil" was part of the discussion on Saddam Hussein because of U.S. sanctions, the threat that Saddam would use oil money to bankroll terrorist organizations, and the idea that new oil revenues would help jumpstart the post-Saddam Iraqi economy."

Spill map. ..That's an average of more than 16 spills a day. And it's a significant increase since 2010. In the 12 states where comparable data were available, spills were up about 17 percent.

According to The Equality Opportunity Project, children raised near the U S shale oil and gas fields have a better chance than others of rising to the top quintile of income earners as adults. These children will have the advantage of higher income parents with access to better schools, churches and community support facilities.

Ohio shale deposits hold potential for oil, gas, jobs | The Newark Advocate | NewarkAdvocate.com