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Andreea Filip
Andreea Filip
Andreea Filip

Andreea Filip

I read while on a bike, thinking about marathons and how to save dogs and cats. But I actually don't belive at all in multitasking.

How to create trust and sell more on e-shops

Who are the vistors of your website? About visitor segmentation.

chocolate strawberries

Chocolate strawberries

Chocolate strawberries

pantofi dasha

Voi cum stati cu merisoarele?

Oh, were you sitting here? I didn't notice... :)

~*Watching for Squirrels.....

Umm... i don't know what to call it.. Book Holder?? but i love it..being a voracious reader, i needed something like this..great idea to carry a book when you are travelling or anytime.. ♥

Cat's Eyes//

Flowers and grapes

Nemo and Dr. Gettmann © Andrea Klostermann

Elsie De Wolfe 1935 - 'a life in high style' clearly included working out in ballet flats.

Pit Bulls achieved such a rock solid reputation with children that for 150 years it was known as America’s “Nanny Dog” because rich people acquired them in droves as they were simply the safest, most tolerant breed to have around their children.

When imprinting takes a wrong turn. "Quack"...No, it's "Woof", now lets all try again.....a 1 and a 2 and a Quack....