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    Soul Food

    The Cuisine referred to as "SOUL FOOD" originated in the kitchens of African-American Slaves in the late 1800's. In the 1960‘s, Southern-style cooking by Black Americans was renamed “SOUL FOOD” in honor of Black Cooks who prepared food during the Slavery era, paving the way in the development of African American cuisine - now soul food. Soul food recipes typically called for ingredients that are indigenous to Africa and were often found on American Plantations.

    Soul Food

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    Preparing poke salad, near Marshall, TX, c. 1930.

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    Poke Sallet Recipe


    African American woman with a "mess of greens." Tallahassee, Florida, (Courtesy of the Library of Congress). | Slaves would gather and boil various kinds of leafy foods, such as collards, kale, tops of beets and turnips, or wild weeds. In various instances, slaves boiled greens that were traditional to some Native American cuisines, such as marsh marigold and milkweed. ((Whit, “Soul Food,” 48.)) Slaves would flavor the dish by boiling a piece of pork fat or bacon with the vegetables.

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    Making chitlins after hog-killing near Maxton, North Carolina circa 1940's. (Courtesy of the Library of Congress)'

    January 2014

    Waste not, want not…recipes from the collection. North Carolina ...Chittlerlings

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    The Soul of Food: Slavery’s Influence on Southern Cuisine by Christina Regelski | Southern food, is derived from a blend of European, Native American, and African origins that found realization in the hands of enslaved people. Through the horrors of the Middle Passage and bondage in North America, generations of African and African American slaves developed a uniquely African American culture, presence and influence on the South, strongly preserved by today’s Southern cuisine.

    The Soul of Food - US History Scene

    PICKING OKRA. An unidentified farm worker picking okra at an early Georgetown County truck farm. Morgan, William D., (1853-1938), c.1890-1915, Georgetown County Library. | In the 1824 cookbook The Virginia Housewife by Mary Randolph, two stews appear that used okra, including gumbo, referred to as a “West India Dish” which reflects how the influences for the dish traveled from Africa, to the Caribbean, to North America.

    The Soul of Food - US History Scene

    Soul Food is the memory cuisine of the great grandchildren of the enslaved, not the food that the enslaved ate.

    In Honor of National Soul Food Month: The Roots of Soul

    Recipes for Candied Plantation Yams/Chicken Terrapin/Sweet Potato Pone/Hoppin' John for Good Luck.

    Plantation Recipes

    Prepared on many Southern Plantations for the holiday season.

    Southern Fruit Cake recipe (1921) - Click Americana

    Miss Idella Parker, at the stove, cooking for Ms. Marjorie Kinnan-Rawlings, (Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the novel “The Yearling), at her home in the village of Cross Creek, Fla., throughout the 1940's.

    Cross Creek Cookery


    Idella's Crisp Biscuits from Cross Creek Cookery by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

    Red Snapper Roulades with Spinach Recipe by Rebecca West.



    Soul Food Canvas Art

    CLASSIC SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN | Chef DéAndre Johnson from O.M.G. Café prepares his finger lickin’ good Classic Southern fried chicken.

    Comfort cooking with a southern twist | Urban Views Weekly: Richmond’s Contemporary Lifestyle Newspaper

    Savannah, Georgia | Chef Jerome, of the Old School Diner, a juke joint crossed with your favorite country kitchen, famous for the "Wheel Chair Platter!"— oysters, shrimp, chicken, clam bakes and ribs. Located just off Harris Neck Road near Townsend in North McIntosh County, Georgia ( The interior walls are covered with photos of everyone who’s eaten there. (Photo: Chris M. Rogers)

    Day 1: Old School Diner

    Smoky Field Pea and Greens Soup with Black Pepper Cornbread Croutons

    Smoky Field Pea and Greens Soup with Black Pepper Cornbread Croutons | The Local Palate

    RECIPES: A “Mess” (or a Pot Full) of Field Peas with Okra / Black Skillet Cornbread / Homemade Garlic Mayonnaise

    Recipes for a classic, unfussy Southern meal built around field peas and history

    (cooked with side meat) Recipe

    Fresh Field Peas Recipe

    Side Meat | It’s the same cut as a slab of bacon and has been cured but not smoked. Side meat is available in packages in the meat department of most grocery stores.

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    In Deep South magazine, chef Todd Richards charts the unique history of southern cuisine: [extract] “You have to look at two things: what came with the slaves on the boat and what they had to work with when they got to America. There was a strong Native American influence in the early beginnings of Southern food when slaves began arriving: crops like corn and techniques like frying.

    The Real Roots of Southern Cuisine | Deep South Magazine – Southern Food, Travel & Lit

    Recipe for Braised Greens Mac and Cheese by Chef Jason Hill of Atlanta’s Wisteria Restaurant

    Get Your Greens | Deep South Magazine – Southern Food, Travel & Lit

    Watermelon | Southern food has a long history. It’s good, healing food born from strife and survival. The slaves weren’t creating Southern cuisine in order to make history, they were cooking to stay alive. There’s daily survival ingredients like watermelons, which served as canteens in the fields. It’s 95 percent water. The slaves also used the rind as soles for their shoes.~Atlanta Chef Todd Richards

    The Real Roots of Southern Cuisine | Deep South Magazine – Southern Food, Travel & Lit


    Liver and Onions Recipe

    Fried Chicken Livers Recipe Appetizers with canola oil, chicken livers, buttermilk, self rising flour, kosher salt, ground black pepper, poultry seasoning, hot sauce

    Fried Chicken Livers