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Quotes and Dr. Phil-isms

Quotes and Dr. Phil-isms

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    Whats my problem ?

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    KMO Y

    Mynames im. Any thoughts

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    KMO Y

    D not dallas

Quotes from Helene Godbersen: You are a guest in their marriage and a guest in their home. You have to fold into their rules and their lives if you want to be welcome there -

Dr.Phil quote -- love that man ;)

Unless you know who you are, you will always be vulnerable to what people say. Dr. Phil, via slumber designs

Slumber Designs: Quote of the Day

You can't be anything if you don't take care of YOU first. #DrPhil

  • Kathy Phillips
    Kathy Phillips

    So true

Bottom line: Loving smart means believing in you, your worth and your value. #DrPhil

  • Lindsay O'Watch
    Lindsay O'Watch

    Follow me back I'm a HUGE fan

There's a point in which you have to decide: Do you want to turn the page in the book or close the book? #DrPhil

Nobody has a success-only journey though life. #DrPhil

Change will happen because you make it happen. #DrPhil

The role of the man in the family is to be a provider, protector, teacher and leader. #DrPhil

  • Diane Cassetta Giovannozzi
    Diane Cassetta Giovannozzi


Today is going to be a changing day in your life. #DrPhil

  • missy ♡
    missy ♡

    oh dr phil! it was such a nice surprise to see you pinning! :)

There is power in forgiveness. #DrPhil

You teach people how to treat you. #DrPhil

Parents: The behavior is yours. The consequences are theirs. Please, don't be selfish. #DrPhil

You must know yourself from the inside out. #DrPhil