Dr. Ryan Todd

Dr. Ryan Todd

Oak Park, Illinois   ·  Owner and Founder of Functional Health and Wellness
Dr. Ryan Todd
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Sugar Free Recipes #fxnlhealth #fxnltestkitchen #sugarfree #drtodd

Recipes from our "Sugar Blues" Seminar

SASTM Physical Therapy with Dr. Todd #drtodd #SASTM #fxnlhealth #physicaltherapy

SASTM Physical Therapy with Dr. Todd #drtodd #SASTM #fxnlhealth #physicaltherapy

Functional Health and Wellness- MedX Lumbar Extension- #MedX #fxnlhealth #physicaltherapy #drtodd

Functional Health and Wellness exclusively offers the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine to strengthen the lower back for injury prevention but also to treat patients with chronic low back pain.

Bad Back and Beyond Blog Series- Functional Health and Wellness Physical Therapy  #badbackandbeyond #physicaltherapy #fxnlhealth #drtodd

What is sciatica? Sciatica refers to pain that is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve. This typically only affects one part of the body, but it can be extremely painful and limit your ability to complete everyday tasks –…

Thai Basil Beef Lettuce Wraps - Everyday Paleo

Thai basil beef lettuce wraps - Fill lettuce leaves with big scoops of the meat mixture topped with chopped cilantro and more Thai basil leaves for garnish.