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The Skincare Bad Experience: What you need to know. Kangen Water is excellent for your skin. Learn about the healing qualities of alkaline rich ionized water.

We’re asking our Neocate community to join the for Food Allergy Awareness Week! SHARE this infographic to raise awareness, educate others and inspire action to support the food allergy community.

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60 millions Americans suffer from different allergies and 40 percent of children's outdoor activities are limited by allergies. So here is the allergy guide on most common outdoor allergens with their prevention tips.

Allergies can get the best of you sometimes but by educating and informing yourself on key treatments and daily tips, you can overcome allergy blues now!

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Allergy myths dispelled infographic – Myths surrounding allergies are rampant. As a result, some people believe that allergies are psychosomatic, not life-threatening or not attributable to foods. Here, we knock down the 10 most common.