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a lamp that is sitting on top of a table next to a toy dump truck
Tonka Dump Truck Lamp/ J Dooley
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a table that has some wires attached to it and is sitting on top of the table
an antique circular saw table lamp with the words vintage circular saw table lamp on it
Vintage Circular Saw Table Lamp
an old fashioned lamp on a wooden table next to a book
an old fashioned table lamp with a glass shade on it's base and plugged in
Unique Industrial Table Lamp!
Cool industrial glass insulator table lamp! Unique one-of-a-kind lamp was handcrafted in my shop using industrial pipe and vintage beehive glass insulator. Very high quality, includes solid brass accents, cord with switch, LED bulb and felt pads to protect your furniture. Glass insulator is over 75 years old and may have some imperfections, but these just add to the character!
a red fire extinguisher sitting on top of a table next to a light bulb
15 DIY Lamps From Recycled Materials - HomelySmart
Fire Extinguisher Lamp
a machine that has some metal parts on it
a lamp that is sitting on top of a wooden table in a room filled with tools
Big Chain Lamp #2