Manos de acuerdo al autor que esté ejecutando el pianista. Jajaja! Rachmaninoff y Beethoven. Jaja!

Hands according to pianists [Updated]. Keep your suggestions coming!

Trilogy meter (I Disagree on Back to the Future and Blade...)

trilogy meter-so true esp Star Wars, the Matrix & OMG the Godfather is spot on.

It's all English.

Common Word and Phrase Translations: British to American - Bum Bag, Fairy Lights.


Funny pictures about Where does the red brick road go? Oh, and cool pics about Where does the red brick road go? Also, Where does the red brick road go?

I play trombone and euphonium/baritone and both are true but nothing is mord true than the percussion one

Yes yes yes band marching band trombone trumpet euphonium tuba flute saxophone clarinet horn percussion basson oboe baritones mellophones

Star Trek Random Facts

Funny pictures about Star Trek random facts. Oh, and cool pics about Star Trek random facts. Also, Star Trek random facts.

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Via Geeks are Sexy (though the flip phone wasn't until about 93 .. 1973 cell phones were very different)

This week in lifelogging: today's technology from the inspiring past

Star Trek - Predicting the future of technology since They didn't necessarily predict. They were the reason we have flip phones, so without Star Trek we most likely would have never had flip phones and other technology.

FRIDAY FUNNIES: My personal favorite, always! STAR TREK! I did a double take on this one ;)

Go to the parade at Riverside Iowa: future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk - March I kind of want to get my picture with that.the irony is that my birthday is one march 25

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What This Guy Can Do With Cardboard Is Absolutely Mind Blowing

Star Trek foretold it. Captain Picard uses Android. He even had an unlimited Data plan.

<3 Star Trek - Okay, I admit that Zachary Quinto plays the role very well.  Put that's all you're getting from me!!!!!!!!!!

Funny pictures about Sassy Spock. Oh, and cool pics about Sassy Spock. Also, Sassy Spock.

Star Trek

How tough are Scotsmen? Laddies, you're speaking to the only guy in a red shirt who isn't dead. Not a line from Star Trek. This is so funny!

Star Trek Old Vs Star Trek New.  The top, Kirk vs Kirk is from Shatner's documentary, Captains.  Recommend if you haven't seen it.  Casting for the new movies is wonderful.... movies so-so.  Get rid of Abrams!

Star Trek I am a nerd. i just got teary looking at this and not sure why. I just grew up watching these people.who seem almost real, not characters and now we get to see them when they were young and beautiful. -I also became teary.

Portland, Oregon - The signs are getting stronger @Teresa Selberg Renaud Reynolds McMurdo

Um yes i live on the corner of Live Long and Prosper! On the corner of Live Long and Prosper.

a redshirt and a stormtrooper get into a firefight. the stormtrooper misses every shot. the redshirt dies anyway.

A redshirt and a Stormtrooper get into a firefight. The Stormtrooper misses every shot. The redshirt dies anyway. Star Wars and Star Trek fun :)

Star Trek humor.   Read More Funny:

Funny pictures about The red shirt treatment. Oh, and cool pics about The red shirt treatment. Also, The red shirt treatment.

Star Trek Print by MarshallSC

"I have been and always shall be your friend." (Long live Spock and rest in peace Leonard Nimoy - thank you for all the logic.