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8th Grade Activities - NCCTM Common Core Math Activities for Middle School

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Effective Questions in Math: Some GREAT questions to help students really understand what they are doing!

Teaching To Inspire In 5th: Math

Play "Attack" with your students! It's a review game that can be used in any subject that your 5th and 6th grade students will be begging to play! FREE instructions

FREE Review Game for the Secondary Classroom

Adding Integers Dot Game: make with no negative numbers

Adding Integers Dot Game

middle school Math Bulletin Boards | Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to ...

Kelsoe Math: Standards for Mathematical Practices Bulletin Board

Speed dating (exchanging math problems) in the math classroom.

Speed dating in the math classroom.

Math Questioning Strategies

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Integer rules cootie catcher

Transformations in Pre Calc with Pipe Cleaners... Bet I could do something like his in algebra 1 with quadratics.

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Distributive Property of Multiplication using pictures

Mrs. White's 6th Grade Math Blog: FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Middle School OCD - Crime Scene observation: spool many ways to work this. Going to do x y coordinates and inferencing skills. Math and La unite

Middle School OCD

Math Menus: Differentiating Math for Grades 6-9 product from Lessons-From-The-Middle on

Math Menus: Differentiating Math for Grades 6-9 |

Identify long term class goals: This is a daily goal so students know objectives and why we are learning what we are learning.

All For the Love of Teaching: Goals in Sight

Math = Love: Growth Mindset and SBG Bulletin Board Downloads

Growth Mindset and SBG Bulletin Board Downloads

misscalcul8: Review Pong

misscalcul8: Review Pong

Students track their OWN data and learning/understanding - did this for math last year and the kids really liked tracking their progress

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How many weeks, days, hours left until the end of the school year? Are you counting? Read this article from #WeAreTeachers for some great ideas for year-end lesson plans!

We Are Teachers

Pop balloons to do a countdown - Each balloon has a special message or activity within - I love this idea! This one is for a classroom to count down the last days of school, but I think it would be fun to do at home before a vacation, birthday, or for the beginning of the new school year.

First with Franklin: 10 Day Countdown, Baby!

Connect math skills to "real life"

Friday Five: Ways Parents Can Help with Math - For the Teachers

Cornell Notes are great for making connections in the classroom. Students decide whats important #AdobeEduSweeps

Graph Paper | Printable Math Graph Paper

This was the BEST review activity I have ever done! I even overheard a 7th grade boy say, "Wow, this is FUN!" That my friends, is hard to do - especially in math class when we are working on solvi...

Marvelous Math Stations

Ordered Pairs: Giant grid (broken link)

Math Workshop Adventures

Awesome short math videos that are so funny and intriguing. Bad Date is hysterical. Include teacher guides and student sheets too.

Math Snacks - All Snacks

FREE! This product contains TWO scavenger hunts to help students practice the solving equations that include variables on both sides, distributive property, or combining like terms. This is perfect for 8th grade math, pre-algebra or Algebra I. The two scavenger hunt are differ in ability level to help with differentiation in the classroom or to provide the similar activities to regular and advanced classes.

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Implementing the Math Practice Standards. View All Illustrations.

IMPS | Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards