This makes her eyes look alien! sad she is a beautiful lady!

Whoever said bright colors don't work on dark skin was nut's. Art has no limits, therefore makeup and fashion doesn't either! This is a beautiful example of how EXOTIC the right shades of blue can be on ANY skin color!

Burberry Wedges.-These shoes make her feet look huge!

Bette Franke in “Chic Easy Pieces” Photographed by Lachlan Bailey & Styled by Brana Wolf for Harper's Bazaar US, February 2012

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Chic Easy Pieces - Bette Franke by Lachlan Bailey for Harper’s Bazaar US February 2012

dark purple hair colour

Plum hair color is among the most delicate and mysterious shades that women wear. It's a nice hue of purple that looks very beautiful and tender. Besides lookin


Bette Franke by Lachlan Bailey for Harper’s Bazaar US February 2012

A really pretty shade of plum that is very subtle. Like it!

I really really really want to dye my hair purple. This is a great intense purple colour. You could achieve this colour using Fudge Headpaint permanent professional dye, or one of the more temporary options available that wash out

purple hair, don't care (but... we actually do care)

I miss my hair this color. I was thinking dark chocolate brown with the violet underneath? dark violet - the purple ponytail.

the february issue of harper’s bazaar features model bette franke photographed beautifully in palm springs by lachlan bailey

The February issue of Harper’s Bazaar features model Bette Franke photographed beautifully in Palm springs by Lachlan Bailey. i couldn’t help but be reminded that this palm Springs surrounded by mid-century modern homes.

want this underneath :) @Kaalene Flesch

Maybe I'll switch to purple sometime soon! Shades Of Purple Hair. Something I probably wouldnt do, but it sure is a pretty color. If anything, Id try this color purple because it is more dark and doesnt stand out as much as a light purple shade"

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Photographer : Lachlan Bailey Fashion Editor : Brana Wolf Make Up and Hair Stylist : Akki Set Design : Colin Donahue Location : Palm Springs Magazine : Harper’s Bazaar US Issue : February 2012