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Why I love Amsterdam & why I'm not alone.
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there are two different views of the same building and it looks like they have been built
NDSM just one example of an economic disaster turned cultural highlight! Although the beach is just up the IJ canal, there are plenty of urban beach-style hangouts, this is Plek close to NDSM terrein.
a group of people standing around in front of clothes
IJhallen market and lots of other local grocery markets help to keep the budget and still be at the top of hipster heaven...
a man standing next to a bike on top of a bridge in the middle of a city
Unexpected delights of nature - frozen canals in Winter make the Amsterdammers swap their bikes for ice skates...
people are sitting on the grass next to water and some trees in front of them
Hangouts of the locals... Westerpark, large with great events made by locals for locals & Brouwersgracht, central yet calm.
two people dressed in costumes standing next to each other and one is holding a can
Open minded multi-cultural community: Haartjesdaag in the heart of little China - Zeedijk in Amsterdam (from Flickr by Akbar Simonse)
a map that shows the routes for different cities in europe and asia, with numbers on each side
Why is Amsterdam so awesome?Connecting 4 of its parks is a 17k running route...
a man wearing a sombrero and holding his hands out
Mike Lee & Appsterdam - just one example of true start up culture: Entrepreneurism and why NL could be the next Silicon Valley...
two boats are traveling down the river in front of some buildings and trees on both sides
The canals add a second public level below the street level. This setup enriches Amsterdam's urban space - another choice for living and socialising: the house boats and canal boats!
an outdoor movie theater with rows of chairs and people sitting in the seats watching it
Open Air film festival; Pluk de nacht
free alternative festivals: Pluk de Nacht
the words pinyourcity are in front of a cityscape
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