Daina Shukis down stage as the Cocoon in a modern dance production of her own choreography of Tlaloc's Forest.

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Cool Meadows Blue Mist & Kathleen Gowl in 1969

Leslie Burr Lenehan & McLain receive their trophy at the 1986 World Cup Final in Gothenburg, Sweden. (Daina Shukis rode her champion pony "Merry Legs" with this famous rider Leslie Burr in the Florida Sunshine Circuit

Daina dancing at 8BC wild night on the lower east side, video featuring Jeremy Steig can be found on http://www.youtube.com/user/jazzrockn4u4ever

Daina Shukis with her awards and Horse Show ribbons.

Daina Shukis back stage at CBGB's

Daina Shukis dancing with the band Kundalini and the famous tabla player Badal Roy.

Daina Shukis with the Tribe on Bleeker St. in New York City.

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