DIY Party Favors & Decoration Ideas

DIY Party Favors & Decoration Ideas

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Recycled Mardi Gras Bead Coasters #MardiGras

Rust & Sunshine: Mardi Gras Coasters

create your own party back drop / wall cover ~ 3 different color cheap plastic table cloths, cut slits and braid top end. So simple but looks great! Bianca@itti

Party Background Tutorial {Cheap & Easy}
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    Mona Fernandez

    That's cool

Wooden initial and flat marbles/fish bowl marbles in pretty colors. Cute!

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No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda! I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS! this is important since helium is not a renewable source and is in such short supply

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  • Rebecca Zoidberg
    Rebecca Zoidberg

    vinegar and baking soda ultimately yields carbon dioxide gas, so why not just blow up the balloons with your breath?

  • Marce Pérez R
    Marce Pérez R

    Alejo Londoño oh! :O

  • Sarah Bamford
    Sarah Bamford

    This is just recreating breath, so they wouldn't float.

  • Trish Mason
    Trish Mason

    How long do they stay up?

  • Alyssa Lovett
    Alyssa Lovett

    The website you pinned this from is explaining how it doesnt work...

Wrapping paper as a table runner, clever!

Caleigh's Pink and Orange Lollipop Birthday!
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    Anadore Kenny

    Yes very Clever :)

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    Pat Greenwood

    Too cute

  • Donna Hopkins
    Donna Hopkins

    I do that!

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    Like the idea!

Paper bag tutorial

Waterfall Creative blog style: DIY Gift to the Bag

So may uses for xmas lights

Pretty Quirky Pants | What to do with Fairy Lights

Cupcakes in dollar store champagne flutes.... instead of alcohol :)

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    Cardetra Johnson Blunt Taylor


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    Devra Ellis

    Very nice

  • Debra Akaveani
    Debra Akaveani

    Love these what a great idea

String a needle through and hang! So easy...why have I never thought of this?!? Add glow sticks and you have awesome lights!

Too Stinkin' Cute: Simple Balloon Garland!
  • Heidi Sweet
    Heidi Sweet

    What a great touch to a party!

Personalized Treat Bags

Twig & Thistle » Updated DIY Valentine Treat Bags!

printing on brown paper bag

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Printable Lunch Bags! Tutorial

Sweet Floweret: Printable Lunch Bags! Tutorial

easy boa back drop

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Glitter lanterns

Glitter Disco Ball DIY

Pom Pom Fringe Drink Toppers tutorial. To make your own drink toppers, flatten standard size baking cups and fold into quarters. Cut off the very tip to make your center hole, and cut fringe around the outside edge. Scrunch up the fringe a little, unfold, and slid onto a cute paper straw. She used 4 baking cups per straw.

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how to make a paper napkin pouch

Goosie Girl: Napkin/Silverware Place Setting

1 hula hoop (spray painted) + 2 strings of icicle lights and duct tape = outdoor dining area chandelier. love this.

HelenKate Horne - Google+

Use golf tees to stake balloons to the ground.

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This is a GREAT idea!!! Rhinestones glued on plastic pink forks -- so cute for a girl's party. Any color, really!

zakka life: Princess Birthday Party
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    Jayda Sanders

    that's cute

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    I know

Turn Wine Glasses into Lamps!

Everyday Celebrating: Turn wine glasses into lamps!
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    Barb Sutcliffe

    Loved this idea!

Tie squares of tulle fabric along a string of Christmas lights! This is so pretty!

Hayseed Homemakin': Firefly Christmas Lights

Candy cakes. could turn into party favors as guests leave

The Gnat Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight | MitzvahMarket

DIY starlite mint serving tray

DIY serving tray
  • Allison ~~
    Allison ~~

    That is too cool~!

No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda! i need to remember this!

  • Lissette Martinez
    Lissette Martinez

    float or just filled?

  • Brina Gamez
    Brina Gamez

    Lissette Martinez They're just filled. I did this weeks ahead of time for my son's 1st birthday to see if it would actually work and of course it doesn't. I'm going to have to get a helium tank anyways =/

  • Tiziana Palumbo
    Tiziana Palumbo

    Very good idea...I want to try soon ! Tks

  • Lexiphile

    Don't do it! It's a fun kids science experiment but it stinks. It does technically work though.

  • Kim Bell
    Kim Bell

    Such a smart idea can't wait to try this