beautiful-wildlife: “ Portrait of a Grey Wolf by Instinct Film ”

Only paypal. What you can do with this character? - Change the appearance as you wish - now it's your character . - Make an anthro form. - Change species. - Add accessories. But please don't resell...

Stardust is supposed to be the ruler of the stars she was nicknamed by her mom, star

Ungewöhnliche Tierfreundschaften.........Katze und Fuchs

Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox

What a precious red pittie!

What a precious red pittie!

White Wolf Howling in The Moonlight.

White Wolf Howling in The Moonlight.

quetzalcoatl WIP by on @deviantART

This Quetzalcoatl mask is just awesome. In relation to the project, something like this may be shaped into an armrest.

wolf - Google Search

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.


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The tiger and the lion may be more powerful.but the wolf does not perform in the circus. No wonder why the wolf is my favorite animal. Describes me very well I think :)

White Wolf Pup Costume — Crafthubs

A wolf eating a subway sandwich Trust me guys i did NOT pin this my friend kara did so i cut her of at so hope you under stand bye.

Black wolf in winter

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