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Ранняя римская армия.

Have a gander at the visually reconstructed evolution of the ancient Roman soldier from circa century BC to century AD.

Римский центурион в чешуйчатом панцире лорика сквамата (lorica squamata), вид спереди.

Ettore Pizzuti, a hero of the Roman Legions reenactment world, Centurio Primus Pilus of the Legio XXX Ulpia Traiana Victrix, Roma Italy

Republican Romans

Arms and armor of Roman Republic soldiers at the time of the Punic wars. Left front, the armour of a principes and hastati, right the veteran triarii. The back figure represents an Italian ally or a velite, skirmish infantry.

Roman Legion

Imperial Roman Signifier - Note the face mask helmet that was thought to be just for parade but was found on the battle field of Teutoburg forest.