Growing the Best Paste Tomatoes Yields Fresh Salsa and Sauce

Garden chicken run

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Fenced in Garden

Gardens on Tour 2009: Buckeye Trail garden | Digging

How to build a simple garden fence

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Great way to wash veggies fresh from the garden

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Greenhouse/raised garden bed

Alternative Gardning: Building a Small Greenhouse

garden idea

The Green Children Foundation

detailed directions on building a worm tower for raised beds + worm box idea

How to make a Worm Tower

raised beds


Nice, organized raised bed layout with gravel walkways - stone walk way in between beds may be nice too.

raised bed gardens. -

(Wow--that is a big garden but looks managable to?]--// Awesome homesteading garden ideas

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Square foot gardening

Plantagram | Williams-Sonoma

How To Make A Chicken Tunnel | Build your own chicken tunnel and create an effective and versatile way for your chickens to move around your homestead.

How To Make A Chicken Tunnel | Homestead & Survival

Construct a Chicken Moat for effective garden pest control. Surround your garden with this double-fenced chicken run to keep bugs at bay. The moat is simply a strip of dry land, enclosed by two 2 parallel fences, which surround the garden. Throughout the day, the hen patrol moves all around the garden (but never in it), munching on all those things hens love: weeds, seeds, worms, tiny pieces of stones and (best of all) bugs. Read more: (mother earth news)

Construct a Chicken Moat for Effective Garden Pest Control

This well-designed garden plan makes it easy to put chickens to work in the garden. You can give your birds direct access to deposit manure fertilizer into your beds and enlist your birds for organic pest control as needed. Read more:

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green bean teepees. This is amazing! What a great idea for some serious green bean growing. This would also work for strawberries, peas, grapes and possibly squash varieties. Basically, anything that can grow vertically!

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Chicken Coop - Make the size of your garden beds. No Weeding & Fertilized what could be better.

Red Hen Home: The Gypsy Wagon

screen a-frames for raised bed gardening

Silver Springs Community¤ GARDENING

Love love love the fenced raised bed garden!!!

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From the Bottom Up - A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds Permaculture Research Institute - Permaculture Forums, Courses, Information & News

From the Bottom Up – A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds

What to plant, WHEN! #garden #DIY

USDA Zone 5 Gardening

Which Garden Plants Grow Well Together? Check Out This Companion Planting Chart! also has square foot gardening planting guide - where design, imagination and learning come together

How to grow bell peppers —two-level trellis to support pepper plants

How to Grow Bell Peppers - Vegetable Gardener

A double fence around a vegetable garden will keep the deer out but not the tomato eating squirrels.

Priceless parsnips

FARM SHOW - “Hoop House” Glides Open And Closed Nifty idea.

FARM SHOW - “Hoop House” Glides Open And Closed