Garden - Raised & Square Foot Gardening

Garden - Raised & Square Foot Gardening

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From the Bottom Up - A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds Permaculture Research Institute - Permaculture Forums, Courses, Information & News

From the Bottom Up – A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds
  • Paul Bear
    Paul Bear

    Love this illustration. And the drain on the left there prevents over-watering. You can get adequate water to plants without leaching minerals and potentially changing the pH of the soil. Bravo! Paul | mysquarefootorganicgardenin...

What to plant, WHEN! #garden #DIY

USDA Zone 5 Gardening

Which Garden Plants Grow Well Together? Check Out This Companion Planting Chart! also has square foot gardening planting guide - where design, imagination and learning come together

How to grow bell peppers —two-level trellis to support pepper plants

How to Grow Bell Peppers - Vegetable Gardener

A double fence around a vegetable garden will keep the deer out but not the tomato eating squirrels.

Priceless parsnips

FARM SHOW - “Hoop House” Glides Open And Closed Nifty idea.

FARM SHOW - “Hoop House” Glides Open And Closed

Place rebar in ground and slide plastic pipe over it for row covers.

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How to make a greenhouse out of your raised beds, I'm also going to put the chickens in there for a couple weeks to get the beds ready for me

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overhead view of Herb Tower container garden

Herb Tower Container Garden - Bonnie Plants


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This site gives you suggested plots based on a 4x4 garden as well as tips and tricks. pretty sweet.

Plantagram | Williams-Sonoma

Hmmm... Interesting. Keyhole Garden. 2 of these can feed a family of 10 all year round & use as little as a gallon of water a day, it's an awesome concept. A keyhole garden is the ultimate raised-bed planter. It is built in the shape of a circle about 6 ft. in diameter that stands waist-high & with a slice cut away. A hole in the center holds a composting basket that moistens & nourishes soil. The garden, can be built with recycled materials & requires less water than a conventional garden...

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Pergola with vertical containers

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Raised Beds. Dream Garden!

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Such a flippin dandy idea for an easy, flexible & simple green house

Itsy Bitsy Spiders

Companion planting

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We use annual rye as a cover crop to add back nutrients and keep the soil protected through the winter

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A super healthy (and neat) vegetable garden

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A word about the Square Foot Gardening Technique

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Maximize Growing Space with a Plant Pyramid

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**DIY** Hinged Covered Greenhouse Garden - living Green And Frugally

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These sound like such an awesome idea. I would love to maybe incorporate these into my backyard garden... it would save a TON of hassle in the watering department.

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DIY concrete landscape borders, BRILLIANT and easy!

DIY Concrete Landscape Edging

This is a great website to design your garden. You can set your location and it will show you how much space each plant needs and give you reminders.

Garden Plan - 2013: Community Garden plot