... dreaming of a white Christmas ....

I like this picture of the horse looking out of the barn door on a snowy day. A creative and eye-catching image.

money can't buy happiness, thats true but it can buy animals including horses, and they bring all the happiness you need

Haha money CAN buy happiness. Cuz it can buy horses! And Horses are Happiness to me. Without Horse riding I'd be sad not being close to such a pretty, elegant creature! So this is sooo true!

horses are so calming to watch.

I love everything about this pic.the three running horses, their clear reflection in the water, the hazy blue mountain background, the freedom.

Wow, this is an amazing picture.The horse rising up in the air so beautiful the capture of this picture is so amazing!

I never tire of this photo, so beautiful. /So very beautiful, love the mane EL.

This would have been me about 8 years ago. And then my obsession with foxes came in, and I discovered how fun it was to put on make up lol. ;) I still absolutely LOVE horses though! Second favorite animal, and I wish I could ride one every week. ♥

This would have been me as a young girl. ♥ Horses were my first love, I still love them today.never did outgrow my "horse crazy years" . Thank the Lord! So true!


summer is here 6 by fotofori / Deviantart // BW flaxen liver chestnut seal bay horse

Miracles CAN Happen

This horse broke his leg during a race. As he was not going to compete anymore his owner decided to send him to slaughter. Fortunately an animal sanctuary rescued him, giving him the opportunity to live in a home where he is respected.

beautiful, plus amazing

What's cuter than cute animals? Why cute animals covered in snow of course! Start your day with a smile with these adorable pictures.

Horses in the fog

Wild Horses in The Morning Mist (they get so frisky when the mornings are chilly like this) J

Mother and son

Another Paint mother and foal. I cannot get over their markings. She's quite the beauty and looks like her baby will be just the same.

Black Stallion Looks - Fine Art Horse Photograph - Horse - Black and White - Friesian