Perfect color combo- next goal peacock feather tat curved from ankle to toes. After waiting 2 years and still sure I want it, yet not at that place in life yet where the meaning for it would be honest & true to me.

French artist Xoil

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

French artist Xoil has a characteristic tattooing style that looks like he has stamped, stenciled, or drawn directly with a felt-tip pen on his clients bodies. It is quite impressive how he is able to create different textures with a tattoo machine.


Fish tattoos are among the more numerous of all tattoos it seems, with a wide variety of species to choose from, of which the Koi fish appears to be the most popular. With so many Koi fish tattoos to choose from to look at, along with the.


Would it be crazy for me to say I actually kinda want a tattoo like this. Not the exact style but I like the idea of it on the elbow, maybe in white ink.


Not sure how I feel about the branches of the tree.If they mirrored the roots in style and spread up the hand, rather than being all clumped up in the palm, I'd be in love with this tattoo. Love the idea/placement!

fantasy/abstract tattoo

Ivana Belakova is a Slovakian tattoo artist who creates colorful, artistic tattoos that resemble watercolor paintings and pastel drawings.

zen circle on back

Enso - Zen symbol of Absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the Universe, and the void; additionally it also represents the Japanese aesthetic itself. As an "expression of the moment" it is often considered a form of minimalist expressionist art.

Figure tattoo on the arm, like the angular, geometric shading and the bound hands, not sure about the ear cone or bewbs.