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Guitar Guides are downloads of videos and text from Acoustic Guitar magazine.

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A Stanford researcher’s 15-minute study hack lifts B+ students into the As

“All too often, students just jump mindlessly into studying before they have even strategized what to use."

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At 30 Billion Pins, Pinterest Has a Fresh Take on Search -- And It's All About Mobile

Pinterest search is built to be manipulated with swipes rather than typing, and it's based on discovery rather than finding.

Marc Andreeson and Vint Cerf look at the future and to reflect on the past. Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Alcohol Detox, Techno, The Past, Tech News

That time Marc Andreessen's first company shipped a $7 million CD in a plastic baggie from the kitchen

Marc Andreessen tells the story of the time that Netscape had no idea how to mail its products.

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Pencils down: Duolingo wants to offer standardized tests through its app

Duolingo, the translation game app founded by CEO Luis von Ahn, wants to offer standardized tests through its app, according to a report in the Wall Street

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Small Data: Why Tinder-like apps are the way of the future

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Slow Cam app test: Video analysis tools are now affordable for coaching at every level.

Slow Cam app test

Slow Cam app on iPad

Bits for Mac - Diary app with photos, tags, cloud sync, Tumblr and Wordpress integration.  Worthwhile method for distributing creative apps for students.

Bits for Mac - Diary app with photos, tags, cloud sync, Tumblr and Wordpress integration.

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Posted by Andrew DuBrock Let’s look at the anatomy of the major scale. Example 1 shows the seven notes that make up the major scale—in this case, a G-major scale. If you’ve explored my Acoustic Roc… Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Acoustic Guitar Pictures, Acoustic Guitar Strap, Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Guitar Songs, Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Stickers, Guitar Riffs, Major Scale

Acoustic Rock Basics: The Complete Edition

Learn to play the guitar chords, solos, and techniques that rock masters like Neil Young, Dave Matthews, James Taylor, and more use in their biggest hits. In this downloadable guide, you'll take 12 in-depth video lessons on playing rock lead, backup, and rhythm. Get tab and music for 12 original songs in the styles of your favorite rock legends.

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Acoustic Guitar Care & Maintenance: Complete Edition

Learn how to keep your guitar in perfect playing condition with step-by-step instructions for changing steel and nylon strings, cleaning and humidifying your instrument, adjusting action, and more. Get expert advice by Acoustic Guitar authors including Frank Ford, Charlie Hoffman, and Rick Turner. This downloadable guide includes written instruction with detailed photos and 85 minutes of video. ©2011. For personal use only.

This Excerpt from “Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics” Will Show You How to Play the Backbone of Blues, the Shuffle. Guitar Lessons For Beginners, Piano Lessons, Music Lessons, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Muddy Waters, Thing 1 Thing 2, Cover, Blues

Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics: The 12-Bar Blues and Other Common Progressions

Learn 5 complete blues forms—including 12-, 8-, and 16-bar—as played by artists like Big Bill Broonzy, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Doc Watson. Get 14 minutes of video instruction, detailed notation and tab, plus chords and lyrics for the blues classic “See See Rider.” By Orville Johnson. © 2011. Personal use only.

In third position or higher, it becomes possible to combine open and fretted strings to play ascending/descending intervals on nonsequential strings. This technique is called cross-string picking. Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons, Music Lessons, Positivity, Play, Education, Learning, Natural

Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Method: Picking-Hand Technique

Learn to position the picking hand properly for efficient and comfortable fingerstyle playing. Find out how to grow and shape your fingernails. Know where to place your picking hand for the best tone. Get detailed instruction on playing rest and free strokes with the thumb and the fingers. Includes 18 min. video. By Alex de Grassi. © 2011.

Guitar amplification essentials includes text and videos. Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Guitar Tips, Learn Guitar Chords, Blues Scale, Music Education, Best Songs, Playing Guitar, Essentials

Acoustic Guitar Amplification Essentials: Complete Edition

The ultimate guide to amplifying your acoustic guitar. Learn how to use monitors, PAs, EQ, and effects. Discover the differences between the various pickups, the strengths of each, and how to install them. Learn how to choose and position microphones to capture your guitar's natural tone.Includes 146 minutes of video. By Doug Young. © 2011. For personal use only.