I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book. Rowling Pinning quote for classroom, not the pic, just to be clear!

My mind

brain galaxy I love this because i used to be obsessed with the galaxy and it used to be on my brain all the time so this is showing a skulls brain replaced with the galaxy

Is it more uncomfortable to believe that we are nothing more than the body or to believe that on some level there is no soul because we all are part of one source?

You have galaxies hidden in your bones and it takes my breath away

portrait, smoke, light (smoking is a bad, bad, bad and an ugly habit! not to mention unhealthy for you and others around you!)

portrait, smoke, light I really like this photo due to the light coming through the window and the left hand side been dark. The smoke also makes a good effect.

Wuthering Heights  I learn who I am every day, a little more, and then some more, because he teaches me.  Patiently, he shows me how to know myself.  My love, my passion, my lust, my need, my wants; All of them he knows before I know myself.

Twin Flame Love Challenges – In a Troubled Relationship? Question to Antera: On your twin flames page you say it’s rare for twin flames to be incarnated at the same time and stay together.

woman, window, smoking

*I sit on the ledge of my window, smoking, when I hear footsteps below. I quickly hide the cigarette and look down. *they call curiously* (open rp)-Jewel sitting is the new smoking life