Talisman Bike Logo by Jesse Lindhorst

Packaging and Branding Graphic designer and illustrator Jesse Lindhorst created the packaging and brand identity including logo and icon design for Talisman, a brand of bike gear. More of the design.

giro d'italia poster

Giro D'Italia poster, in the same colour as the bicycle race leader's pink jersey (maglia rosa). Why pink? The paper that created the Giro, La Gazetta dello Sport, was printed on pink newsheets.

NEOPOLIS type design | Designer: Atelier Olschinsky - http://www.behance.net/olschinsky

'We shall build a tower that will reach to the stars' - Atelier Olchinsky

Perfect image for Boston Magazine today

Boston Magazine’s latest cover features the actual shoes runners wore when the Boston Marathon because the Boston Marathon bombing. “We Will Finish the Race,” the title says.

99% Magazine 2011 by Matias Corea, via Behance

Magazine 2011 [Designer - Matias Corea] I like the combination of text and image layout used in this piece. The duotone approach makes the project a striking piece to look at and keeps the print simple.


I do this when I’ve been struggling with a project im supposed to be working on…

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