DIY: How to Make a Ballard Style Tufted French Mattress Cushion Cover + How to Hand Sew a French Mattress Edge - An Oregon Cottage

DIY Tufted French Mattress Cushion {Ballard Catalog Knockoff}

Porch furniture: DIY Tufted French Mattress Cushion-Creating French Mattress Edge - An Oregon Cottage

Nuances de gris

I also decided after changing my idea from a bird, to change it to a feather as it is easier to draw at high quality and looks nicer.

Feather tattoo.. Deriere de la cuisse?

Clare Owen Illustration a feather to remind me of my Native American roots and the struggles of my very extended family.

"Cheat" seat cushion covers - make these for couch so it's easier to clean after the cats sit on them :-)

Easy Slipcover Idea - this is a great idea and easier than making fitted slipcovers - Pink & Polka Dot

diy slipcovers - Sohl Design: Slipper Chair Slip Covers

Sohl Design: Slipper Chair Slip Covers To cover the chair that the cats destroyed!

Upholstery for the lazy girl! Seat cushion covers for my destroyed sofa that are removeable for washing but should also look trim when on, ie better than elastic.

for the dog beds: quick upholstery idea - Love this! How easy would this be to change seasonally? or to wash?

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