Read this if you're not a morning person

5 Easy Ways To Wake Up Happy, You Old Curmudgeon

5 Ways to Start Waking Up Happy - Wake up to sunshine Don't snooze Put on music Drink water Power down before bed

Food Storage Recipes and Food Storage Videos: Homemade Slime...For Cleaning Time

Awesome Cleaning Slime 1 tablespoons of white (Elmers) glue. Add about 1 spoon full of water. Then in another cup put 2 tablespoons of borax and 2 tablespoons of water. Pour the glue solution and the borax solution together and you get slime. Add so

16 Stunning Tattoos by Sasha Kiseleva

16 Stunning Tattoos by Sasha Kiseleva

Biggest Tatto Gallery - 16 Stunning Tattoos by Sasha Kiseleva - Find Your Perfect Tatto Now

Without a doubt, my wedding shoes

20+ Unique Camouflage Wedding Ideas

For those who are avid outdoors persons or hunters, camouflage is a unique way to grab the attention of all the wedding guests and wedding party members. Camouflage Wedding Dress offer a unique twist on the traditional wedding gown.