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hand quilting ideas and tips
Tips and Techniques to Hand Quilting
Back in the day, quilters didn’t have many of the luxuries we now take for granted, but they still made beautiful quilts. Now, we opt to hand quilt not out of necessity, but for the nostalgia and it’s soft look. If you been looking to try out hand quilting but don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Not only can you learn to hand quilt, but we’ve got quilting tutorials for hand quilted embroidery, hand applique techniques, hand quilting designs, and more!
a close up of a weaving piece on a wooden stick
Just finished this woven wall hanging!
several stuffed animals are lined up in a box with the word dunkin'donuts written on them
DunnSpunn | Etsy
The gang all together at Dunn Spunn
an orange stuffed animal with glasses on it's head and the words dunn spinn
DunnSpunn | Etsy
Keenan the dapper fox is making himself right at home at Dunn Spunn
an elephant stuffed animal sitting on top of a shelf next to blue and purple balls
DunnSpunn | Etsy
Eleanor is the newest member of the Dunn Spunn family!
a pink stuffed animal sitting on top of a window sill next to a brick wall
DunnSpunn | Etsy
Meet Peggy the flying pig!
two green stuffed animals sitting on top of a white surface with the words gummy swamp written above them
DunnSpunn | Etsy
Just finished making a couple Lindy Hoppers at Dunn Spunn!
two stuffed animals sitting on top of a shelf next to balls of yarn
DunnSpunn | Etsy
Heidi and Gertrude having some fun at Dunn Spunn
a small stuffed sheep with a knitted sock
DunnSpunn | Etsy
Welcome to Dunn Spunn, Heidi!
a stuffed giraffe is sitting on its back with it's legs spread out
DunnSpunn | Etsy
Meet Gertrude, Gertie for short. She is a fun loving, ukulele playing giraffe! Made at Dunn Spunn fiber arts studio
Wee Folk welcome at Dunn Spunn Folk, Wee, Unique Items Products, Supportive
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Wee Folk welcome at Dunn Spunn
there are three different pictures with the words to dye will be an awfully big adventure
DunnSpunn | Etsy
I just love dye days!
there are many different colored yarns on the spinning wheel with text that reads, duni spunn
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Custom Yarn
a pile of multicolored yarn sitting on top of a wooden table next to the words dunn spun
DunnSpunn | Etsy
Ready to spin!
many different colored wools are on display in a store with the words dunn spun above them
DunnSpunn | Etsy
A sea of wool