Love this!!!

"How is it possible that out of all the Little Boys in the world. we got the best ones?" - Kids Room BEST LITTLE BOYS Nursery Vinyl Wall Words Lettering Decal via Etsy.


Funny pictures about Old people. Oh, and cool pics about Old people. Also, Old people photos.

Dobby :)

These hilarious text messages will have all Harry Potter fans laughing! Nothing better than book humor.

.the last one is hilarious!!

MY PEOPLE Toasted bread. They sell toasted bread! Where has this been all my life?


Toilet paper funn We settled our differences while you were out

The scariest fortune cookie you could ever get. Especially if they aren't a doctor who fan...

the scariest fortune cookie you could ever get. <<< Someone is a Whovian at that fortune cookie factory

I can't stop laughing..

One does not put mascara on with mouth closed?

Portraits of people being blown by a leaf blower. Save this for a glum day.

"Amazing project by lituan-based photographer Tadao Cern ‘Blow Job’ that was done on 2012 in his studio ‘TADAOCERN’. that depicts individuals enduring gale-force winds directly to the face!