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This is my the visual board of my projects and designs

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I like the use of illustrations for the drinks

Loveat's 2009 Winter beverages poster/menu

Illustrations for the winter drinks at loveat and a menu/poster design. was done with veecee creative partners.

24 Retail Blogs Every Small Business Entrepreneur Should Be Reading

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#ilife and #iprint... that's how i am #unique.. are you?

#ilife and #iprint... that's how i am #unique.. are you?

50 Fantastically Clever Logos - Top Digital Agency | San Francisco & Austin

Like these logos? You’ll like our code better. Learn more about Mayven Front-end Development. I know everybody and their brother does logo roundups so...

10 Tips for Designing Logos That Don’t Suck

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How else would you do it? Only this way! #illustratinglife #ilifeiprint

How else would you do it? Only this way! #illustratinglife #ilifeiprint

5 First Steps To Opening Your Clothing Boutique

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Helping small businesses get loans - Canada Small Business Financing Program

Who is eligible? How much financing is available? How do I apply for a loan? What can be financed? What are the costs? What are the terms of the financing?

Awesome Signage Design — Amrit Pal Singh | 3D Illustrations and Design Assets

Sooner or later every graphic designer is asked to design a signage for a storefront or general way finding. Here are some awesome signage design inspiration I have been collecting from everywhere. Hope you enjoy them.

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