This us actually pretty interesting.- great info about tats

stablercake: sweetrivertree: proctalgia: this is important As someone who works at a tattoo shop, I can say this is pretty accurate for those who are interested If the wrist is not among the most painful I am never getting a tattoo in those red places

Not really a huge fan of all of the mainstream tattoos, like infinity signs and birds, but this is the best dandelion tatt i've seen dandelion tattoo | Tattoo Ideas Central

I love the idea of seeded dandelion tattoos I want a tattoo like this but I want hearts then birds .

"I Love You" in sign language. With white ink perhaps...location? Maybe behind the ear or on wrist... Also, instead of the heart in the middle I might put an infinity sign.

"I Love You" in sign language. Rob always signs I love you now I want of a tattoo of it on me.

27 Stupendous Couple Tattoo Ideas - SloDive

'my wife and I decided to get "infinity x infinity" tattoos, it was my first tattoo and my wife's We both work somewhere that we can't regualarly wear our wedding bands so we decided to get matching ring tattoos.' I think this is pretty cute.

tiger tattoos | Tiger Family Tattoo

Tiger & mom twist ~tattoo by Anabi Tattoo i'm not a tiger tattoo person, but this is well done.

animal Tattoo Locations On Women | Baby Tiger Tattoo Design On The Body Cool Girls

Tattoos ideas for girls with simple design share to you all, lower back tattoos and foot tattoos

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