Slate Tabletop Fireplace.

Table top fireplaces small, stylish, romantic and they generate HEAT. Very cool design with tanks in the handle. products-of-interest

Oreo Cookie USB Drive.

Oreo Cookie USB Drive

The Oreo Cookie USB drive is one tasty looking treat you won’t ever want to dunk into a glass of milk – unless you wish to lose all your data. Disguised as a delicious cookie, you crack it down the middle to reveal the concealed USB port.

Nibbles CableKeep for iPad/iPhone USB Charger.

A+R Store - Nibbles CableKeep for iPad/iPhone USB Charger - Product Detail I want the Goldie!

GroVert Chalkboard Wall Planter.

GroVert Chalkboard Wall Planter - Mounted vertically on any wall (avoid the bathroom), the three-in-one planter provides a fresh herb garden. This includes a chalkboard space to mark what herbs you’re growing, or even what dish you’ll use them for.

Felt Shark Laundry Hamper.

A shark that devours clothes not people. Felt Shark Laundry Hamper might be placed both in the bathroom for laundry or in a child’s room as a basket for toys.

Planet Earth Globe Fire Pit.

Planet Earth Globe Fire Pit

Backyard fire pits would be so much more exciting if everyone used the Third Rock Earth design by Fire Pit Art. USA-based Fire Pit Art is a company that produces creative heavy duty fire pits for residential and commercial use (including custom designs).

Pantone Scarf.

Perfect Matching Scarf Uses The Pantone Matching System

The Pantone Scarves inspired by the famous pantone color matching system will help you match a scarf with your favorite outfit perfectly.


Inspired by the way designers hold up their work, Handvas is the creative way to display your prints.

Wobble Chess Set.

Umbra WOBBLE CHESS SET designed by ADIN MUMMA. Motion is added to an otherwise still game. A concave landscape stabilizes freely quivering chess pieces, creating a lively interaction between board and pieces.

Shark Hooded Towel.

Personalized Yikes Twins Shark hooded towel by Yikestwins on Etsy

Power Nap Office Pillow by Donkey Products.

Fancy - Power Nap Office Pillow by Donkey Products

Giant Flip Clock.

The Perfect Office - Giant Flip Clock, Toshiba Portable HD, Sony Vaio Pro Laptops and