DoctorWho Cocktails

DoctorWho Cocktails

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DoctorWho Cocktails
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Fish Fingers & Custard Cocktail!  With eggnog, graham cracker crust "breading," and Swedish Fish!  More at!

Doctor Who Cocktails: Fish Fingers & Custard --- 1 oz. Maker's Mark (or other bourbon), oz. Vanilla Vodka, per 1 c.) Eggnog, garnish with crushed graham cracker and Swedish Fish

TARDIS-Tini  More recipes at!

TARDIS-tini 2 oz Hpnotiq 1 oz crème de violette ¾ oz vodka ½ oz blue curaçao Mix all ingredients in a shaker, shake and strain into chilled stemmed cocktail glass, garnish with an orange wheel cut …

The Rose Tyler!  More cocktail recipes at

The Rose Tyler This drink captures Rose's rough-around-the-edges feel while still maintaining the simple, refreshing, cheeky attitude that makes Rose so endearing. Sweet and Sour .

The Fourth Doctor -- "Red Jelly Baby"  More at!

Red Jelly Baby 1 oz cherry vodka ½ oz triple sec ½ oz grenadine ¼ oz peach schnapps 4 oz Sprite Measure all alcohols and grenadine into a mixer with ice, shake well, add Sprite, and serve in a high…

Donna Noble -- "Ginger Mimosa"  More at!

Half Champagne Half Ginger Beer (We like Reed’s Original) Heavy splash Sweet and Sour Splash Agave Nectar Add all ingredients into a champagne flute, garnish with fresh ginger.

The First Doctor -- "The Grandfather"  More at

2 oz Gin (Hendricks or better) ¼ oz Creme de Violette ¼ oz Triple Sec Shake and strain all ingredients in a chilled stemmed cocktail glass.

The Daleks -- "The Exterminator"  More at!

Like ComicCon in a Collins glass, it's "The Exterminator" The Daleks Dr. Who cocktail. For those who have thought "I'd love a Long Island Iced Tea if it were boozier and crazier.

Ace McShane -- "Nitro 9"  More at

1 oz Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Bacardi 151 floater Half Pint of Coke* Lighter To prepare, pour the Fireball into a shot glass, and layer the 151 on top with a bar spoon. Then ignite shot and…

Clara Oswin Oswald -- "Clara's Peach Lemonade"  More at

Clara Oswin Oswald - Clara's Peach Lemonade Ingredients: 3 oz Sweet and Sour oz Tequila Silver 1 oz triple sec ½ oz peach schnapps ¼ oz grenadine

The Third Doctor Cocktail -- "Man of Action"  More at

Man of oz ruby port¾ oz sweet vermouth½ tsp triple secDash of aromatic bittersLemon twistPour all ingredients into a wine goblet, stir, add lemon twist and serve without garnish.