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Snacks and Desserts - Ideal Protein of Everett and Marysville, Weight Loss Center of Everett, Marysville

This is probably the most popular paleo recipe - I see it everywhere! My coach uses this as a pizza crust and adds a homemade paleo tomato sauce, meat and veggies.

Cheesy Ham Chowder Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Jennifer Trenhaile of Emerson, Nebraska

Cheesy Ham Chowder - comforting and filling chowder brimming with ham potatoes carrots bacon onion corn and cheddar cheese. (You could also add just a little spicy sausage if you want it to have an extra kick!

boas at the dollar store and a pool noodle

LOVE fluffy feathers- DIY feather boa wreath--white for Christmas, pink for baby shower, red for Valentine's Day, etc. So easy! Styrofoam ring and dollar store feather bos.