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Kristen Stewart playing Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman. The release of this movie was in 2012. Snow White finds a way to elude a creeping huntsman how is out to kill her. A childhood friend named William decides to find Snow White to protect her. William takes action after finding out that the fair maiden is still alive. The Queen tries to banish her stepdaughter to stand alone as the most fairest one in the kingdom.

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This novel is titled: "Brothers Grimm: Snow White". Illustrations by Franz Juttner. This is considered to be the most famous novel of Snow White out of all the other ones. It is the Brothers Grimm version of the well-known fairy tale. The story starts out pretty much like the movie version that the Brothers Grimm created. The despises Snow White and sets out to kill her. Snow White seeks shelter from seven dwarfs while escaping from the Queen.

Snow White- iconic for her beauty and grace. The Brother's Grimm version is darker than Disney.

Mirror, Mirror. Released in 2012. This story is a Snow White fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. The movie revolves around Snow White, who is the stepdaughter of the Queen, is hidden away in a royal palace. The Queen banishes Snow White from the kingdom when she catches the eye of a prince. The maiden takes shelter in a forest with group of witty and rebellious dwarfs. Snow White does everything she can to save her kingdom from the evil queen.

The timeless fairy tale Snow White gets a dazzling makeover by visionary director Tarsem Singh in this fantasy adventure starring Oscar winner Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and newcomer Lily Collins as the fair-skinned Princess Snow White.