The dangers of living with a dirty filter are far and wide including higher utility bills, early residential air conditioner failure, and trouble breathing in your home. That being said, forgetting to change the filter is a human mistake. In that case take mental error out of the equation with these helpful ways to remember to change your residential AC filter.

The next time your gas furnace stops pumping out the heat, use this handy checklist to do some furnace troubleshooting on your own—before calling in the pros.

To help you with selecting the best air conditioner for your home in Edmonton, here are the various kinds of air conditioners, and their pros and cons.

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Unfortunately, just like any heating system the oil furnace is prone to some mechanical breakdowns. Even worse, not all the HVAC companies in the area are adept at solving these issues. For major malfunctions, it’s always important to call a professional to have a look-see but these troubleshooting tips will either buy some time or give an idea of just what kind of repairs to expect.

Many older Edmonton homes use an oil furnace. These aren't as common as a gas furnace but are clean burning and do a very efficient job.

Whether a homeowner is looking to make the switch to central air conditioners or replace a unit that is either old or inefficient, there are three main points to consider before heading out to the dealers and suppliers. There are additional factors such as customer service, buying local, and budget considerations obviously but all things considered, paying attention to these three tips will lead to finding the best central air conditioners for individual needs.

Here are three points to consider before heading out to the dealers and suppliers to buy a central air conditioner.

Sure you’ll promise to change the filter and inspect the components regularly but that 3-month oath turns into a 3-year absence in no time. The truth is, failing to replace a $4 furnace filter can get pretty costly for boiler repairs and all types of furnaces.

How Much Money Is That Dirty Furnace Filter Costing You?

Air conditioning has changed the ways we live whether it be enjoying our leather recliner without sticking to making our jobs bearable. You don’t always have to keep your air-conditioner in your nightly thoughts and meditations, but it is important at least to reflect a little bit about how air conditioning changed the world as we know it.  Following is an air conditioning timeline…

November 1876 - Willis Haviland Carrier was born. He invented the first practical air conditioner. Thank you, sir!

While spring cleaning gets all the attention, some homeowners might be surprised to learn that winter cleaning is also one of the most important furnace services.  If you want to tackle this task or just quiz the HVAC Company on the exact cleaning they’ve performed follow this checklist of furnace services.

AC installation and repair contractors are easy to find but are they qualified?