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The three stages of life…

Funny pictures about These Three Stages Of Life. Oh, and cool pics about These Three Stages Of Life. Also, These Three Stages Of Life photos.

True FRIENDS know!

If you don't know who Princess Consuela Bananahammock is, we're not friends. // And her husband, Crap Bag.


Joey Tribbiani’s Logic

i Well, the fridge broke. so I had to eat everything. that was his excuse Joey Tribbiani's logic Iain? i Well the fridge broke so I had to eat everything that was his excuse


Chandler: You're turning into a woman. Joey: No, I'm not. That's just mean. Chandler: Now I've upset you. What did I say? Joey: It's not what you said.Oh My God, I'm a woman!" Friends TV show quotes

Friends may be a helpful way to remember this during your job search: don't take a job just because you got a job offer. Take it because you like the company and see a lot of potential.


Anyone else missing the ’90s? (25 photos)

Hello, people, who don't live here. I gave you a key for emergencies. We were out of Doritos.

joey <3

How I feel wearing suits at work

I love Joey. I love Chandler. I love Friends. :D (But mostly I love Joey)


What do you mean you don’t own a TV?

Joey: You don't own a tv? What'a all your furniture pointed at? Friends TV show quotes

Random Funny Pictures – 39 Pics

Chandler: Hey, you cry every time somebody talks about "Titanic" Joey: Those two had only each other. Friends TV Show quotes

Joey :(

Joey is sad…

Actually Rachel did she said "how you doin' joey?" When Joey wanted a long lasting girlfriend and monica told him that chandler and Monica were friends first

friends tv show Hahahahahaha!! Love Davids hair lol @Melanie Bauer Streu

FRIENDS in high school. Someone please validate my feelings that Courtney Cox looks like Hermione here. And what the hell is wrong with Ross's hair?