They look like little ottomans... sooo cuute

que fofo.Topper to cut and minis to serve. this idea is mindblowing :-) What about vintage decorated mini-cakes instead of cupcakes? Or both! As long as there's enough for everyone. Put cupcakes on table around cake & mini-cakes? Yep loving that idea!

Haunted House Cake

Haunted-House Cake

Haunted-House Cake Set atop a steep hill of devil's food cake, this forbidding cookie house features caramelized-sugar windows, black-licorice spires, and sunflower-seed shingles. Get the Recipe and How-To

Chocolate flower cupcakes - I could do these!!!  SOOO adorable!!

How to make easy flower pot cupcakes!Here’s how to make the really easy chocolate flower pot cupcakes that we made for Pop’s garden party last week!