Africa | Heddle pulley from the Senufo people of the Ivory Coast | Wood. ca. 1980s

Senufo Heddle Pulley, Ivory Coast | Lot

Nigeria, Africa | "Village weaver". Bichi, North Nigeria || Vintage postcard, ca. 1970

Bichi , North Nigeria - Village weaver 1970 -

Japanese back strap/floor loom. <3 <3!


Inkle Shoelace Tip: How to make shoelaces from inkle bands, with shrink-tubing aglets. From Inkled Pink.

Inkle Shoelace Aglets: How To

Band from Oseberg, Norway Date: early ninth century AD. Difficulty: very easy. This simple but elegant band was found in the Oseberg ship burial and is one of the most securely dated and located bands that is known. The original was woven some time before 834 AD when the ship was buried. A variation that can be woven on the same warp setup is also described. | Instructions to weave the narrow Oseberg band |

Shelagh's Website | Patterns from the Past

Africa | "Weaving a blanket". Sierra Leone | ©Bruce Gelsert

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Embroidery technique to try on a pin loom?



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Clever way to warp a backstrap loom with a rigid heddle.... Doorway? I don't need a doorway...

HOMEFREE: Simplifying the backstrap loom

These are a few of my favorite things: #35 – Needle Weaving (and ...

These are a few of my favorite things: #35 - Needle Weaving (and making a portable weaving "etui")

Zoom Loom Critter Kit by DJE Handwovens: Dragon

My Dragon is Finished! | The Sweatshop of Love Blog

How to make a circular cardboard weaving (to make a hat, for example).

Circular Weaving

I love this set up w/binder clips on a 2x4 for friendship bracelets! Camp crafts ftw!

Second Chances by Susan: Girl's Camp Crafts 2013

Three dimensional weaving embroidery with comb.

Comb Embroidery (Sulam Sisir) Cover Book

Ravelry: D2B's Zoom Loom Houndstooth Pattern

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$12 Mini Weaving kit within a ring. Instruction card, needle and thread included within gift box....I'm lost for words!

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Happy Crafty Kids: Fancy Rubber Band Bracelets with a DIY Loom

Happy Crafty Kids: Fancy Rubber Band Bracelets with a DIY Loom

twine flower tutorial - I had a loom to do this sort of thing with when I was small!

Twine Flower Tutorial and Father's Day Card

How to work chain stitch embroidery tambour crochet on small loom weaving by Noreen Crone-Findlay

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DIY loom! Scrap wood! This would be a toy for mama. :)

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13 (600x450, 147Kb)

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Yarn woman. #inspiration_crochet_diy GB ...

Don't Drink, Don't Smoke? What Do You Do?


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Triangle Loom

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rug woven from men's neckties.

chic modern vintage