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Rising from the dead to upload the Eukaryotic Cell note (x). It’s not as lengthy as the others, but the chapter is pretty short.  In other news, my brain officially shut down after taking the MCAT. Things should return to normal next week though.  Good luck studying everyone!


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The Heart. Complete labeled illustrations of the sections of the heart and their functions. Illustrations by award-winning medical illustrator Vince Perez. This guide includes detailed diagrams of: circulation, anterior heart, posterior heart, interior heart, nerves and arteries, beginning of diastole, end of diastole, systole, end of systole, heart in diastole, and heart in systole. #medicine #health #nursing #science #anatomy #teachers


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Correct Portion Sizes: How to Keep Portion Distortion in Check

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Write notes like a rockstar...common abbreviations used in the hospital and in nursing school.

Commonly used abbreviations