Writing expanded number form. Also good for ABC order

Expanded Number Form This is a great way to teach expanded form using styrofoam cups. Put the cups together to make the standard form of the number and separate them to see the expanded form.

Here's a nice page for studying symmetry and shapes.

Butterfly Symmetry - This worksheet provides practice in symmetry and shape recognition. Students use shapes to create the other half of symmetrical butterflies. Once the butterflies are completed they tally how many of each shape they have used.

Fraction foldable:  great idea!

fractions flip book-- cut each page into the fraction and have kids label accordingly-- great to teach parts of a whole & equivalent fractions


Love this! Free Fraction Strips template - maybe even connect with a brad & have a fraction fan

La fraction du jour

La fraction du jour

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Le nombre décimal du jour

Le nombre décimal du jour (rituel)

2nd Grade avec Mme Wade

they just take off the ones they need to study. could do with addition/subtraction facts