10 Top Tips to End Rape

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Fight back #feminist

This reminds me or riot grrrl feminism and it is great. There is not enough media promoting the unity of girls and women to fight against a system that marginalizes them.

Lack of consent = rape.

If you hold out for anything less than non coerced, mutual ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT then I am sorry but a) you suck in a rather large fashion and are part of the problem and b) you are totally missing the point of sex in it's entirety.


Never let anybody tell you you are ugly every girl is beautiful. People who say different can't tell you are.

This is what Rape Culture looks like.

How I feel everyday. feministcrixus: symphony-of-a-survivor: The voices of rape culture. Don’t wear your hair down is another one.

Rape prevention tip...

Rape prevention tip: use the buddy system! If you’re not able to stop yourself from sexually assaulting people, ask a friend to stay with you while you’re in public! Rape is in the hands of the rapist, not the 'tempting' victim.