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Cloaked Ghosts Halloween yard decoration

50 Best DIY Halloween Outdoor Decorations for 2016

Cloaked Ghosts 1 2 by grimgraham, via Carved Pumpkins - halloween garden decor - halloween ghosts and outdoor decoration ideas - ghost decor - ghostly dresses -

How to make body frame with PVC Pipes. Awesome Halloween decoration. Check out the website to see more

armature for full sized figures -- Looks pretty simple. Need to figure out a way to weight the bottom for outdoor use. Could use for haunted house or have holding something

How to make rickety old bridge--would be fun to have a fake river (slime? or a river of souls like in Hercules?) between rooms and this going over it

How to make rickety old bridge--would be great for shaky rope bridge-arrow island 2014 Link takes you to what looks like a Halloween decorating site(?), but the pic is enough the get the idea.

Just grillin'...Kinda cute, looks like they have lights in the bottom for fire

spookify your grill, use dollar store body parts---turned out really great! Didn't use skeleton but we used dollar store body parts and a bag of bones and then put orange lights under grill for the effect of fire.

Brewster Yard Haunt: Halloween 07

We have just collected some awesome decoration ideas which can make without spending money. Check these great Cheap Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas.

great fake fire Halloween

I agree with this pinner's comments "great fake fire Halloween: Looks abit complicated as I am used to just using the"Stuff It" insulation and spraying it over lights taped to a piece of cardboard.

So want this around the fire ring!

SKELETON CAMPFIRE Originally Posted by lewlew Campfire anyone? Their not modified as much as posed. PVC for the joints and a little elongation. Flourescent orange paint for some eyesocket highlights.

How to make Hot Burning Coals for your witches cauldron.

How To: Hot Burning Coals

Hot Burning Coals prop - Led lights draped under expandafoam (darker areas with plastic softdrink bottles for the bright areas (see tut)

Evil Clown Halloween. Porch decor. / Porche decorado con payaso diabólico #Decoracionhalloween #scary #creepy

IT's Pennywise the scary clown porch! Hell Mouth cut from MDF board and & painted! Tongue is a strip of rug.