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hora de treinar minha dominação do fogo

The Last Airbender Element Bending Instructions. I want this as a poster for my walls!

Big hero 6

Why does Baymax have to die?, good thing there was a new Baymax but same programming, smart Baymax, but what happened to the one in the portal?

I love Hiro!! <3

My edit give credit! - Its England (〒︿〒) ( fictionalmen ) [] Hiro Hamada Big Hero Six Disney

Tadashi Hamada from Big Hero I just finished watching the movie and now I have a huge crush on this guy. Wonder if a guy like him exist in real life.

OH Hiro

I'm like this in bed and I hear something. I sometimes kick things off my bed and I'm like "who was zat?

I am so excited for this movie!!!!!! BIG HERO 6/ This is what I see about when I'm think about Leo and Festus.

I am so excited for this movie! BIG HERO This is what I see about when I'm think about Leo and Festus. ( who is festus? I know who Leo is.

Trop cute !!!

BIG HERO Hiro realizing that a part of Tadashi was put into Baymax the robot. Aww this kinda makes my heart break. Also, Hiro is by far the cutest animated boy EVER!

The gif makes me happy:)

Hiro and his friends are celebrating in this short clip. Look carefully in the background and you will see Tadashi and Aunt Cass!


dat sass tho of hiro XD <<< Hiro is one sarcastic little kid. xD *adds to list of reasons why I love Hiro*