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7 Simple Tips for Growing Lavender

Harvesting Timing of the harvest depends on what you are using the lavender for. For fresh-market or or dried bundles harvest when the first 1 or 2 flowers have bloomed. If the end product is essential oil then the best time to harvest is when about

Love the simplicity and the complexities of this Succulent terrarium. & then they grow...

Succulenten Idea with simple Tolle DIY Sukkulenten Dekoration - Einfach in ein IKEA Kerzen Glas mit weiße Steinen *** IKEA Candle Glass and white Stones - Love the simplicity of this Succulent terrarium.

Big green Aeonium urbicum above a blue-grey Echeveria hybrid.

KS - Love the agave and succulents together -- Big green Aeonium urbicum above Agave Blue Glow, Echeveria 'Ruffles', Kalanchpe 'Flapjack', Echeveria Perl von Nurnberg