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Things that make me smile BIG (35 photos)

You are never too old to have fun!

A couple during Bank Holiday fair, London 1950 - Izis Bidermanas-I love this one.reliving their childhood.

Marilyn Monroe and JFK

25 Rare Photos of Celebrities

"Rare Photo of JFK with Marilyn Monroe?" This is the work artist Alison Jackson who created fake images of celebrities in revealing poses by using look-alikes in place of the celebrity.

George and Martha Washington

Lithograph of Martha and George Washington. The President and First Lady are pictured seated in their Mount Vernon Estate. Washington is shown with a book in his hand, and Martha is knitting. The two grandchildren are pictured in the background.

Sonny and Cher.

EVGENIA GL FASHION AND STYLE Sonny and Cher.I watched their television show from beginning to end and loved the free spirited style they had and Cher still has. I emulated her Boho fashion for years and still do.