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Ron Eaggleston
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"I look amazing in all my race photos." - Said No Runner Ever. hahaha, so true!

It's actually a good thing I don't look good in any of the race pictures since I couldn't afford to buy any even if I did. (WHY do they always cost so much?

Lake Braies, Dolomiti, Italy.

Lake Braies, Dolomiti, Italy // Dolomites, a mountain range of the Alps in northeastern Italy// Klave's Marina has been serving the boating community on Portage Lake in Pinckney, MI for more than 50 Years! Call or visit our website www.

Siena, Tuscany, Italy

The skyline of Siena, Tuscany, Italy. Siena is likely Italy's loveliest medieval city, and a trip worth making even if you are in Tuscany for just a few days.

Alcazar Castle in the winter, Segovia, Spain. - This castle is just 50 minutes away form Madrid... a wonderful view!

I visited this castle when I studied abroad in Spain. It's a beautiful Castle to visit if you are in Spain. Alcazar Castle in the winter, Segovia, Spain.

Ownage - Daddy :)RoflLshidmtamsfoDo you know what that means?Laughing so hard I dropped my taco and my sombrero fell offBOOMBEST. DAD. EVER.

Epic dad - Ownage - Aug 2012 - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED- lol yaaasss i wish my dad was this awesome haha jk he is

Lolol funnnnnnaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i actually live in China so i always laugh when i buy chinese stuff in america.and then get even more confused when i can't find it anywhere in china.