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Source on early American style, decorating, and traditions as well as antiques and reproductions. We can't fit it all in print, so we put extras here to share.

A cozy corner of the living room from a house covered in the upcoming October 2013 issue. #antiques #earlyamericanlifemagazine

Looking out from a primitive style house in Vermont. See the August 2013 issue. #primitive #window #earlyamericanlifemagazine

A gold bedroom in the 1820 Benjamin Stephenson House museum in Edwardsville, IL, featured in our October 2013 issue. #museum #yellow #historichouses

Kitchen window at the Stephenson House Museum in Edwardsville, IL. See more in the upcoming October 2013 issue of Early American Life magazine. www.stephensonhou... #windows #earlyamericanlife

A red-and-white chair contrasts nicely with the blue trim in this house, featured in the October 2013 issue. #color #earlyamericanlife

The red chairs brighten up this condo's porch, featured in our upcoming October 2013 issue. #porch #earlyamericanlife

This porch has a spectacular view of Vermont scenery. More from this house in the August 2013 issue. #porch #earlyamericanlife

An autumnal view of a stone fence and birdhouse from an 18th century saltbox covered in the October 2013 issue of Early American Life. #stonefence #birdhouse

This corner cupboard uses complimentary shades to make a statement. See more of this house in our upcoming October 2013 issue. #color #earlyamericanlife

Some useful basics from the National Trust for Historic Preservation: [10 on Tuesday] How to Keep a Renovation/Rehabilitation Project from Breaking the Bank

The Historic Home Market for pre-Revolutionary War houses.

The house this little building accents in New Jersey can be found in our February 2013 issue.

These Vermont birdhouses have a spectacular view. See the house in our August 2013 issue.

The August 2013 issue features our Directory of Traditional American Crafts photographed at Tryon Palace. Also read about two Vermont houses, the history of porches, and maritime paintings.

Iron Gate Lee Semel Homan Palace in New Bern, NC, featured in our August issue.

Staircase from a house in Williamsburg from the October 2012 issue.

The rustic roofline of the stone cabin-turned-kitchen at the Jack Jouett House in Versailles, Kentucky.

Close-up of a mantel in a house in Petersburg, Virginia featured in our April issue.

Detail of stairs at Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC presented in our August issue.

Doorway at Smith's Castle in Rhode Island, featured in our June 2013 issue. www.ealonline.com...

A neat nook below the stairs @Lee Homan Palace in NC. See more of the governor's palace in our August issue. www.ealonline.com...

Smith's Castle garden in Rhode Island. There's more to see of the Castle, so check out our June issue.

Beautiful, ornate gardens @Lee Homan Palace in North Carolina. #museum #northcarolina #newbern

@Lee Homan Palace gardens. Tryon Palace was featured in our August 2013 issue coming out soon.